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Straw Pallet Mill Skj3-350
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Specification of Straw Pallet Mill Skj3-350

Straw Pallet Mill SKJ3-350

Model: SKJ3-350
power: 37 kW
Fiber Capacity: 0.3 - 0.5 t / h
Fertilizer Capacity: 0.6 - 1.2 t / h

Our company has introduced advanced pempek pellet technology of Germany, creating a flat pellet roller-mill series Taper. Machine tool that can make pellets (6-12mm), briquettes (15-30mm), which are especially applicable to granulated rough fibers, such as: sawdust (mainly for softwood powder), cotton stalks and all kinds of hay plants, , worn plastics and refuse factories, materials with low ash levels and difficult to form, they can also be applied to low temperature pelleting, such as: biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer. This is mainly confirmed to the world market demand for renewable biomass energy compression. They are our patent product.

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